"All Techniques Into One"
Pain and drugs

Elvis was a migraine sufferer and often complained of headaches. Migraine sufferers are often accused of "drug seeking" behaviour. For further information, see Elvis Presley's Private Struggle With Intractable Migraines Revealed (MAGNUM: Migraine Awareness Group: A National Understanding for Migrainers).

However much Elvis over-used prescription drugs from the late 1960s on, he definitely needed strong pain killers towards the end of his life. During his last two years, Elvis was in pain much of the time. He possibly suffered from Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, a hereditary condition, the symptoms of which are: enlarged organs, inflamed and dilated digestive tract, subcutaneous inflammation (blotchy and knotted skin, all-over pain), fluid retention (bloated appearance), susceptibility to liver damage, high blood pressure and internal bleeding into the digestive tract. For more on this, see Bone cancer or Alpha-1 Panniculitis? (Elvis Presley Research).

Frank Coffey
The Last Days of Elvis: E-True Hollywood [video]
VIP Video Special, 1999

Coffey quotes Elvis as saying "I'd rather feel nothing than feel the pain I'm feeling".

Peter Harry Brown & Pat H. Broeske
Down at the end of lonely street: the life and death of Elvis Presley
Signet, New York, 1998

P. 406 - "Meanwhile, Elvis suffered aches and pains onstage and off. 'Oh God, how I hurt', he used to say between clipped breaths. During one show, he looked over at Charlie Hodge and confessed, 'Buddy, I'm completely exhausted'".

P. 407 - "The Houston Post said Presley 'looked, talked, walked and sang like a very ill man'."

P. 416 - "Producer Felton Jarvis was also worried. 'The man's dying, and nobody will do anything about it', he kept saying to anyone who would listen."

P. 417 - "Ginger, who had rejoined Presley - only to find him taking double doses of his 'medication' - pressed him about his need for pills and the toll they were taking.
'You don't know what I need!' Presley retorted.'So don't go talking about that again'."

P. 418 - For the rest of the show Presley sang without bursting into his trademark gyrations. Sometimes wincing - as if in pain - as he turned slightly, he was heard to mutter under his breath, 'Sometimes it hurts me so f***in' bad'."

Larry Geller
Elvis' search for God
Greenleaf Publications, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 1998

P. 233-4 - "Larry ... urged [Elvis] to visit Los Angeles nutritionist Wilma Minor. ... 'Your intestines are inflamed', she announced. ...

P. 235 - "When he neared forty, as Wilma Minor had predicted, he reached a health crisis. His kidneys and liver were functioning abnormally; the dark circles and puffiness under his eyes reflected the damage."

P. 236 - "While in Orlando, Florida, ... He sat on the bed and pulled down his trousers. On his thigh there was a black-and-blue mark the size of a silver dollar."

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