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Elvis' Parents:

Gladys Smith Presley
Gladys Smith was born on April 25, 1912 in Pontonoc County, Mississippi.
She was one of eight children. Gladys was twenty-one years old when she
married seventeen-year-old Vernon Presley on June 17, 1933. She gave birth
to Elvis Aron Presley, their only child, on January 8, 1935, Elvis' twin
brother Jesse Garon, was stillborn.

Gladys was a sewing machine operator in Tupelo, and later worked in
Memphis as a nurse's aide at St. Joseph's Hospital and as a seamstress.

Gladys died of a heart attack, brought on by acute hepatitis, at the Methodist
Hospital in Memphis on August 14, 1958, at 3:00a.m.She was forty-six years
old. Her body was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery until after Elvis died, when
it was moved next to Elvis in the Meditation Gardens at Graceland.

On Gladys' gravestone at Graceland is written:

APRIL 25, 1912-AUGUST 14, 1958


Vernon E. Presley
Born in Fulton, Mississippi on April 19, 1916 and died in Memphis on
June 26, 1979, Vernon elvis Presley was one of six siblings. Vernon
married Gladys Smith on June 7, 1933 at the age of seventeen. He was an
eigth grade dropout and worked at various jobs-farmer, truck driver and
painter. In 1938 and 1939, Vernon spent nine months at the Parchman
Penitentiary for forgery. In 1948 Vernon moved his family to Memphis,
Tennessee because he had obtained a job at the United Paint Company

After the death of his wife, Gladys, in 1958, he devoted himself to Elvis'
career. On July 3, 1960, Vernon married Davada (Dee) Stanley, becoming
stepfather to her three sons. Elvis did not attend their marriage. Vernon
and Dee divorced in November of 1977.

Vernon died of heart failure at 9:20a.m. on June 26, 1979. He was
sixty-three years old. At the time of his death, Elvis was paying his father a
salary of $75,000 a year as his business manager. This was a job that
Vernon was not qualified for.

Priscilla Ann Beaulieu Presley
(1945- )
Priscilla Ann Beaulieu Presley was born on May 25, 1945. She was the
daughter of Ann Beaulieu and Navy Lieutenant James Wagner. Her
father died in a plane crash in 1945 when Priscilla was just six months
old. She was later adopted by Joseph Beaulieu. Priscilla has one younger
half-sister, Michelle and four younger half-brothers. She was introduced
to Elvis in 1959 when she was just fourteen years old while at Elvis' home
in Bad Nauheim, Germany. Elvis married Priscilla on May 1, 1967 at the
aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, the couple honeymooned in Palm
Springs. On February 1, 1968, nine months to the day after their
marriage, Priscilla gave birth to Elvis' only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

Priscilla left Elvis on February 23, 1972, becoming romantically involved
with Karate Instructor Mike Stone. Elvis sued Priscilla for divorce on
August 18, 1972 in Santa Monica, California. On October 9, 1973, the
divorce was granted.

Lisa Marie Presley
(1968- )
Lisa Marie Presley was born to Elvis and Priscilla Presley on February 1,
1968 at 5:01p.m.on the fifth floor of the east wing of the Baptist Memorial
Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. She was six pounds and fifteen ounces
and measured 20 inches long. Her middle name "Marie" was given to her
in honor of Colonel Tom Parker's wife Marie. Elvis called Lisa
"Buttonhead," and "Yisa." Lisa had been visiting with her famous daddy
at the time of his death in August 1977. Upon the death of both Vernon and
Minnie Mae Presley (Elvis' grandmother), Lisa Marie became the sole
heir in Elvis' will.

(Father's side)
Minnie Mae Hood Presley
Wife of Jessie D. McClowell Presley, born in Fulton, Mississippi, on June
17, 1893. Minnie Mae Hood married J.D. Presley in 1913 and divorced him in
1946. She is the mother of Delta Mae Presley Biggs, Nasval Presley
Pritchett, Gladys Earline Dowling, and Vernon Presley. Minnie Mae was
the paternal grandmother of Elvis. She was nicknamed "Dodger" by elvis
when he was five years old. He had thrown a baseball during a temper
tantrum and just missed hitting her head, because she dodged out of the
way. Minnie Mae lived with Vernon and Gladys beginning in Tupelo, and
lived with them at Graceland, wearin sunglasses both day and night and
using snuff, which she kept in a box. On her first airplane flight she traveled
to Germany with Vernon to live with Elvis in Bad Nauheim, West Germany.
She once hit a landlady with a broom. Minnie Mae Presley died on May 8,
1980, at the age of eighty-six, having been bedridden for two months. She
was buried in the Meditation Gardens, with Gladys, Vernon, and Elvis.
Minnie Mae, Lisa Marie, and Vernon Presley were the only heirs in Elvis'

(Mother's side)
Octavia Lavenia (Doll) Mansell
Daughter of White Mansell and Martha Tacket and the wife of her first
cousin Robert Lee Smith. Doll Mansell was born in Spring Hill, Missouri,
during America's Centennial year. She and Robert were the parents of
Gladys Love Smith, as well as John, Clettes, Tracy, Travis, Rhetha, Levalle,
Lillian, and Effie (who died at one year and two months of age). Octavia
(Doll) Mansell was the grandmother of Elvis Presley.