This 31 square metre studio apartment is fully furnished and has enough storage to accommodate your stay whether for one week or one month! The apartment has security bars, air conditioning, a washing machine and a high quality Murphy Bed.

There is also High Definition TV with 140 channels, including BBC, CNN, SkyTV and other English channels, and if the 140 channels don't suit your fancy, there are over 30 DVD's to choose from - or you can just sit back relax and enjoy some wine and cheese - it is the South of France after all, and being outside is great anytime of year!

You can also call friends back home or check your email. Your flat is set up with free WiFi and unlimited free telephone calls (landlines only) to over 100 countries, including Canada & the U.S. (mobiles included for Canada, France and the U.S. only).

A CD player with an iPod docking station, USB port, Aux jack and over 20 CD's is there if you want to enjoy some music.

Thank you for staying at our home away from home. We ask that you please leave the apartment as you found it when you depart, and please be gentle when using things ;-)

Ever since the Victorian upper classes and Tsarist aristocrats fell in love with Nice in the 19th century, it has been an ever increasingly popular destination. Now, much less expensive than Cannes (the least expensive of the resort cities) it is the destination of not just the rich and famous! It's also the best excursion centre on the Riviera, especially if you're dependent on public transportation.

For example, you can go to San Remo, "the queen of the Italian Riviera," and return to Nice by nightfall. Fly from the Nice airport to Paris, Rome, Dublin or London, or you can travel by bus or train along the entire coast to resorts like Juan-les-Pins and Cannes. 

Nestled in southeastern France on the Mediterranean coast, Nice is the capital - and chief resort - of the Riviera. Although it's sometimes overshadowed by its more glamorous neighbour Cannes, Nice is a charming port city blessed with a number of cultural and recreational attractions. Visitors from around the world are drawn to its pebbly beaches and narrow, cobblestone streets. Cars are forbidden in the old town, which sits up against the romantic hill, Colline du Chateau. Tourists can stroll past quaint little cafs, outdoor markets, and Latin-flavoured squares.

Further south, the Promenade des Anglais offers an enchanting walk along the sea front. Like most of the Riviera, the nightlife in Nice is lively, with trendy clubs and restaurants to suit everyone. For the culturally minded, Nice is home to one university and a number of fine museums, including Muse Matisse and Muse Chagall.

Nice is the capital of the Riviera, the largest city between Genoa and Marseille. It's also one of the most ancient, having been founded by the Greeks, who called it "Nike," or Victory.

Because of its brilliant sunshine and relaxed living, it has attracted artists and writers. Among them were Dumas, Nietzsche, Flaubert, Victor Hugo, George Sand, Stendhal, Chateaubriand, and Mistral. Henri Matisse, who made his home in Nice, said, "Though the light is intense, it's also soft and tender." The city has, on the average, 300 days of sunshine a year.

Weekly Rental Rates 

1. January 2nd to the 1st week of May - 425 Euros for two people (additional 50 euros for three - four)
2. Canadian School March Break - 575 Euros for two people (additional 50 euros for three - four)
3. Weeks 2, 3 & 4 of May (Cannes Film Festival & Monaco/Monte Carlo Grand Prix) - 575 Euros for two people (additional 50 euros for three - four)
4. June - 425 Euros for two people (additional 50 euros for three - four)
5. July & August - 575 Euros for two people (additional 50 euros for three - four)
6. September to December 14th - 425 Euros for two people (additional 50 euros for three - four)
7. December 15th to January 1st - 575 Euros for two people (additional 50 euros for three - four)

  • Linens and towels are provided. The apartment is not suitable for small children and no pets or smoking is permitted. It's the perfect place for a couple!
  • The apartment is in the lower level of the building.
  • For booking or more information, please contact Joan & Paul Sweeney at
Monaco: only a short 30 minute bus ride away!

The beautiful harbour of Monaco as you walk up to the Palace.
  • In February - the Fte du Citron is a huge celebration only 35 minutes away by bus in the scenic village of Menton
    La Fte du Citron

  • If you want to see some spectacular photos of the area, check out photographer Phillipe Rouah's work below
    Phillipe Rouah's Photos

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