This new 96 page hardcover book and DVD, Elvis Presley Paternity Suit Uncovered! from Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing is out now. Back in 1970 after meeting and posing for a photograph with a young waitress named Patricia Parker in January, a paternity suit was filed in August 1970 against Elvis. While I knew about the paternity suit, I thought it was all over by 1971. It actually dragged on until August 1976, and the book gives you the details of the entire suit.

Pages 59 to 65 have 32 rare black and white photographs taken October 21, 1971 as Ms. Parker, the baby and Elvis went to The Brentwood Laboratories in LA for blood tests. A photographer was hidden across the street and took these photos, a few of which have been seen over the years, but here you get to see them all from the collection of Russ Howe, who manages once again to provide Bud Glass Productions with great photos!

We all know about what Elvis did on stage from 1969 to 1977, but here we are presented with the private side of Elvis, dealing with something that I'm sure caused him much stress and discomfort while still performing across the country entertaining his fans.

The book also comes with a 95 minute DVD that walks you through the entire paternity suit detailed in the book. In fact, you can play the DVD and follow along with the book from start to finish. The DVD also contains some candid and concert footage of Elvis.

This is a first rate production dealing with a side of Elvis not all fans are aware of, and if you truly want to know the man behind the image, I recommend you get a copy of this book and DVD.

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