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Elvis - The King of Clubs

As an unspoken tribute to Elvis, most live entertainers on the UK club circuit use an Elvis song or arrangement as part of their act.  Even the few who don’t feature an Elvis song in their repertoire recognise the contribution which Elvis continues to make on the world of music and entertainment. 
Truly Elvis remains the King of Clubs and Clubland....

GHOST - 4 Piece Classic Rock
GHOST - “This 4-piece band performs a breathtaking show of classic rock anthems.  This awesome concert features music by Meatloaf, Queen, Bon Jovi, and many more.  A huge PA and lighting show, stage raisers, special effects, pyrotechnics and the most outstanding costume changes. The Rock show that puts all others to shame!!”

Comment from Ghost - "As a rock show ourselves one has to appreciate the influence that the Elvis phenomena had on the music industry and how he changed the face of music history, he is the indisputed king of rock n roll"

RED - Boy Girl DuoRED -  "a top class duo in every sense of the word and without doubt one of the best on the circuit."  Their show features pop hits, ballads and showsongs right across the board.
Featured songs include those from such artistes as Shania Twain,Westlife, Enrique Iglesias, Ronan Keating, Miss Saigon, Erasure,Gloria Gaynor, John Farnham and The Police to name but a few.

Their show utilises all of the latest state of the art equipment.  Check out the unique website for further details of this remarkable act".

Comment from Red - "We Actually Do An Elvis Song In Our Set, Though We Are Loosely Termed Modern As A Duo (Evanescense, Kylie, Enrique) I Consider Us More Middle Of The Road, But We Do Venture Back To The Time When We Had A King As Well As A "Queen" and Every So Often When We Drop On The Kind Of Audience That Are Sitting And Listening I Will Slip In "American Trilogy" Pretty Soon Hands Are In The Air And The Room Is Filled With A Chorus Of  "Glory Glory Hallelujah" - Brad"

PHIL BRODIE BAND (former Bitter Suite)   Phil Brodie - Thanks to Don Butterell

“..this outfit consists of the very respected bass guitarist Gerry Scanlan, Neil Wathey on drums, plus guitar virtuoso Phil Brodie. Phil is noted as being one of the top guitarists of his style..

It is very exciting that these 3 talented professional musicians have come together again forming this "Power Blues/Rock Trio" to play tribute to Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Peter Green, John Mayall, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Eric Clapton and other rock/swing/blues greats.”

Comment from the Phil Brodie Band - “We do pop "That's Alright Mama" in when at The Diamond Club in Sutton-In-Ashfield for the owner Gary... and Phil's guitaring sounds like a saxophone in parts of it, awesome...and Gerry goes wild on the bass!! Also on occasions Phil spontaneously breaks out with Jailhouse Rock, and Gerry and Neil quickly follow!”

Plus extra comment from Bev at the band  - “Whenever I think of localised Elvis .. I immediately think of the late Steve Denton, I do hope you include him on your new site. There will never be another Elvis voice in Sheffield/Rotherham area like his or maybe all of the UK.  Funnily enough 'our' Wathey [Neil] started his drumming career with The Steve Denton Band when Neil was 14/15 and in the breaks he used to hide behind his drum kit and study for his GCE's!!!! LOL.
The legendary Hillbillie Cats do a lot of Elvis..  and Nyle Howard [singer with backing music] is AMAZING no fancy frills, he does the real rare Elvis, the rarer stuff ... also Frank White is on a big Elvis kick again at the moment”. “[ I do know Phil has a vast Elvis collection]”

Wayne Steel

Wayne is classed as one of the best vocal entertainers in the UK.  Along with his fantastic vocal range and tremendously vibrant and dynamic performance his show should not be missed.
Wayne Steel - There Can Be Only One
His octave range is close to the levels of the legendary Freddie Mercury with vocal clarity in comparison Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop me Now, Break Free, sets the skin tingling.  The power of Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell and Modern Girl shakes the room. The show contents are foot tapping, blood pumping, and soul touching so the audience goes away more than satisfied with the performance ringing around their heads.

Wayne adds - “There can be and will be only be ONE Elvis to grace this planet.  When he hit the scene along with other well known rockers of the period, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Carl Perkins etc, all Sun Record’s artists, and although they were all great and dropped into a world desperate for a new kind of music rather than the old Crooners, Elvis was the one who stood out above all and captured the hearts of a generation.

Here we are half a century on and he still reigns supreme. Every gig, every party, still someone asks for Elvis. I keep a few classic tracks available and drop one or two in if the requests are genuine such as Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, Suspicious Minds, Cant Help Falling in Love they all work a treat.

A hundred years from now, there will be no greater tribute to this great artist that his music will still be played to old and new generations”.

Stacey Wylde
Golden Oldies of the 50's & 60's performed by the golden voice of Stacey Wylde. Take a trip down memory lane with Stacey Wylde .
Music links are provided on Stacey’s site to sample clips of the songs on her CD .

Stacey writes, “
No one had, or will ever have, the charisma which Elvis possessed. He was purely one of a kind and as it has been proved over the last couple of weeks, his singles can still top the charts. I'm sure that this man will live on long after we have all gone.”

Robin Good ("Amusualist")

Here we have a guy who all his colleagues have nothing but admiration for.... 

Take a man who in the course of the evening plays a wealth of instruments, including; FLUTE; Robin GoodMANDOLIN; BANJO; GUITAR; CONCERTINA; SOPRANO SAXOPHONE; PENNY WHISTLES; and anything else to hand....Has a unique Voice which will astound you... and while doing all this keeps you Laughing all the way with his quirky brand of Comedy and you have ROBIN GOOD...Mr Versatile!

The man has so much talent that in one night, there is no way you would see his full potential.

Robin says - “Having been a pro entertainer for many years,  Elvis has been the name I have heard a million times when people come up to the stage to ask for a request.
My father was in showbusiness but he wasn’t very successful. He used to do an Elvis Tribute Show, with all the Elvis gear on...the catsuit....the wig...the dark glasses...
Unfortunately for him... there wasnt much call for it in 1947!!”


An exceptional band based in the North East of England....

Their show represents the finest UK rock and pop, modern and classic, obsession(theband)offset
including Scissor Sisters, Sting, Brian Adams, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Coldplay and Stereophonics, but there's also a healthy portion of 70's, 80's and up to date dance tunes in there as well (....for the laydeez....!!).

With a performance oozing style, panache, passion and a fair helping of fun
and humour, expect a great night ....

"I think the beauty of Elvis is that his music is timeless, rarely a year goes by without an Elvis track being re-released, covered, re-mixed, or where a riff isn't pinched. I was born in '68, and as my Dad was a huge Elvis fan, I became one too. Our family album is full of pictures of Dad with Elvis quiff, his record (remember them?) collection still holds a multitude of original Elvis vinyl, including 78's and singles, and the '68 comeback special, released in December of that year was played to me about a million times - I have the video myself which gets many an airing! I always keep an eye out for Elvis films on TV, and watched Speedway for the umpteenth time at Christmas - that's a great one.
In the 20 years I've been playing the clubs, tracks which have fitted nicely in our set include "A Little Less Conversation" when it was re-released in 2002, Viva Las Vegas, and we did a 15 minute medley of Elvis tracks in the 80's.
All great stuff, he'll be around for many years yet!"

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