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A tribute to the Tribute Artistes

A tribute to the UK Tribute Artistes - the response to our research among the Elvis Tribute Artistes has been absolutely overwhelming.

We all know that Elvis had a remarkable reputation for patience and generosity - it seems that these guys are more than just impersonators. The way they have helped to get this modest site off the ground has been amazing..... we thought that we would need just the one page but, such is the amount of information we’ve been sent or given permission to use, it seems that we’re going to need a dedicated page for each of them. Anyway, we’ve included information on just a few of these acts to give an idea of the quality which is on offer around the UK.

There is a real community spirit among these stars - the spirit of Elvis certainly lives on.
Thank you very much....

Louis Rockafella
Louis Rockafella - The Spirit of Elvis
 “The Spirit of Elvis” - Louis Rockafella specialises in the seventies era "Elvis Live in Concert", available solo or completely live with his very own 6 piece Elvis Band "The Dixie Mafia".

Plans for 2005 include Elvis Weekends at Warner Holidays complete with band The Dixie Mafia, shows at the fantastic Limelight Club in Crewe (where  Elvis’ TCB band performed last year), shows  in Denmark, plus more of the very popular Dinner Shows in Southport ......  Internal Link - Louis Rockafella

Ray Wood

Ray Wood - The Feel of Elvis“The Feel of Elvis” - we’ve “grabbed” the opening page of Ray’s cool website which might get your feet tapping along with the music.  There’s a link on the movie to Ray’s site which gives a biography, picture galleries and all the other information about this talented and dedicated Elvis Tribute artiste. Ray covers the Elvis era from the fifties through to the seventies helping to keep the memory of Elvis Presley alive...

You can always play the opening page again - That’s Alright..

     Internal Link - Ray Wood


A versatile entertainer as well as an outstanding Elvis Tribute Artiste, Alvin Printwhistle has ensured careful research and technical guidance in developing An American Trilogy Alvin

In addition to details about this amazing concert, biographical details and a host of pictures the website contains transcript from a very interesting and enlightening interview by Pete Lucas.

Read through the information to see how Pete was won over by Alvin and the crews’ presentation and performance through the show.  Alvin describes the attention to detail that is needed in perfecting all parts of the act - from the variation in Elvis’ moves over the years to the correct timing of vocal support.

Sounds good to me......    Internal Link - Alvin

Peter SismanPeter Sisman - In The Shadow Of Elvis

”In The Shadow Of Elvis” - “A show features songs from Elvis' entire career and generally consists of two acts - the first based on the '68 Comeback Special and the second on the Las Vegas concerts

Peter Sisman pays every attention to detail, using authentic costumes and accompaniment tracks from America - jumpsuits are made from orginal patterns designed for Elvis and accompaniment tracks are recorded live by professional musicians”.

Take a look at Peter’s website for photographs and music samples to download..

 A gem....                                                                                                   Internal Link - Peter Sisman

Liberty Mounten

Liberty Mounten - Elvis Forever - The Flavour of ElvisLiberty makes no pretence at being Elvis.  He prefers to see himself as an Elvis “stylist” who tries to give a concert in the style of the great man.

“It is impossible for anyone to recreate the magnitude of Presley”, he says. “All we can do is give a flavour of what it might have been like at an Elvis concert. My show is primarily about the music, and I just hope people will come along, whether they’re Elvis fans or not, and enjoy sharing all those great songs with other members of the audience”.

                                                                                       Internal Link - Ray Wood

Darren Rivers

Darren Rivers - Excitement of Elvis“The Excitement Of Elvis” Tribute Show starring Darren Rivers is available for bookings in the UK with either his full 9-piece live backing band ‘The Memphis City Limits’ or self contained using top class backing tracks from the USA.
The tracks feature real instruments and backing vocals and are endorsed by some of Elvis Presley’s musicians.

Darren Rivers performs song’s from the early Elvis years to the great Las Vegas  years along with various costume changes, stage lighting and a top class pa rig up to 10k (depending on size of venue).

                                                                                       Internal Link - Ray Wood

San Francisco Chronicle
(October 27th, 1993)

When Elvis Presley died in 1997, there were an estimated 37 Elvis impersonators in the world.
By 1993, there were 48,000 Elvis impersonators, an exponential increase.
Extrapolating from this, by 2010 there will be 2.5 billion Elvis impersonators.
The population of the world will be 7.5 billion by 2010.
Every 3rd person will be an Elvis impersonator by 2010.
or will they?

With apologies to those UK Elvis Tribute Artistes who we haven’t covered in detail....

J K Prestley - Website Link
J K having been given a few old Elvis Presley records by his mother at the age of ten played them and found himself hooked on the distinctive voice of Elvis Presley & consequently continued to buy and collect Elvis Presley records throughout his childhood.  So from a very young age J K could be found mimicking both the voice and moves of Elvis Presley in the bedroom mirror for many an hour.

Martin Fox
Martin Fox is one of the UK & World leading Elvis Impersonator & Elvis Tribute Artists. He's been in the entertainment business for over 20 years singing & performing his Elvis Impersonator Tribute act at venues, concerts, functions & weddings across the world. Check out his website for video and audio clips

ETA Radio

Elvis Tribute Artists Radio from Montreal.  A remarkable website from Joanna  Johnson in Canada.
Internal Link
We’ve included loads of detail on our pages but for a real treat visit the ETA Radio website - there’s nowhere else like it on the planet..!!

Colbert Hamilton
Colbert Hamilton is from London, England and he is the rocktastic Black Elvis! He started out as a front man for rockabilly bands and proved himself with acts such as "Colbert Hamilton & The Nitros".  Colbert has now developed an Elvis act which features great vocals, stunning moves and stylish stage presence. The act is available either as a solo cabaret performance or with a full backing band. All stages of Elvis's career are included - 50's, 60's and 70's.
Site includes biography and audio clips

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