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About this Site

Why "re-invent the wheel"? Why duplicate material that already exists elsewhere? It's time to bring it all together in a virtual library.

This Virtual Library is a gateway to various Internet resources about Elvis Presley and related topics. The resources have been selected for the quality and reliability of their information content. The objective is to provide a clear, current, easy-to-use and unbiased guide to the most important online resources about Elvis Presley, creating a network of reliable materials and providing subject access to them.

A Virtual Library on Elvis Presley is timely, given the sheer number of Elvis Presley sites of varying quality and durability on the Internet. Elvis Presley is now included as a topic in university studies. Conferences are held annually. Over 1,000 print publications (books and journals) exist about him, both as an entertainer and as a social phenomenon. Although this Virtual Library is not primarily for academic use, it should also be useful to social scientists and musicologists specialising in popular music.

Your feedback about this site is welcome. You can record your opinion by e-mailing us at or

Linking policy

As a gateway to Internet resources, the content of this site consists almost entirely of external links. Therefore, the web master does not rely on mutual linking, but actively searches out sites for inclusion.

The original concept of the Internet was to share information and make it readily available to the world. Also, Internet linking is a way of publicising a site and bringing in online traffic. At the same time, the web master is aware that some site owners prefer not to have people link to their sites, or they like to be asked for permission first. In particular, when "deep" linking occurs directly to pages which are not the home page, copyright and disclaimer information is by-passed. By the laws of most countries, site authors have copyright and intellectual rights to the information on their sites. This should be understood, however a site is accessed.

Still, if any site owner objects to being linked to from this site, he/she should contact us. We will remove the link as quickly as possible. Alternatively, if that person prefers access through the home page only, we will adjust our links accordingly.


The site owner and webmaster have no control over third-party sites. While every endeavour is made to provide quality information, the currency and accuracy of the various web sites cannot be guaranteed. Opinions and views expressed on third-party sites are not necessarily those of the site owner, but may be included in the interests of inclusivity, objectivity and freedom of speech.

While every effort is made to keep links current, a small percentage of broken links at any one time is unavoidable. Any site that frequently changes its directory structure may be deleted to avoid frequent maintenance of URLs.

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