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March 2009
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  • Music Review: Elvis Presley - From Nashville To Memphis: The Essential 60's Masters
    By David Bowling
    (, March 29 2009)
    Elvis Presley was king of the American music scene from 1956-1962. Such songs as "Hound Dog," "Don't Be Cruel," "Jailhouse Rock," and "Love Me Tender" are still instantly recognizable fifty years later. His impact upon the culture of The United States was extraordinary as he was worshiped and emulated by millions of teenagers.

    ... If you do not own much of Elvis's sixties material - or are a fan - then From Nashville To Memphis: The Essential 60's Masters is a good buy. Most of the material presents Elvis at his best and finds him creating good music throughout the decade.  

  • Elvis Presley's short poem sells for USD 20,000
    (, March 29 2009)
    A short poem written by rock and roll legend Elvis Presley about a dead bird has sold at an auction for a staggering USD 20,000 (14,000 pounds).

    The King of Rock scrawled the rhyme on a piece of paper after apparently killing a robin that perched on his window ledge, reports The note, written on his own stationary, reads, 'As I awoke this morning when all sweet things are born, a robin perched on my window sill to greet the coming dawn. He sang his sweet song so sweetly and paused for a moment's lull, I gently raised the window and crushed his ******* skull'.

    The poem was part of an online sale of Elvis memorabilia, which closed March 26.

    Other items sold in the auction included a jumpsuit he wore at a concert at New York's Madison Square Garden, which went for USD 212,588.40 (148,663 pounds), and the typed lyrics for his song 'Young and Beautiful', which went under the hammer for USD 1,155.60 (791.50 pounds).

  • Dolly Parton Reveals Elvis Presley Tried To Take Her Copyright
    By Paul Cashmere
    (, March 24 2009)
    Dolly Parton has told the story of how Elvis Presley once tried to take her copyright for 'I Will Only Love You'. On the M&J Morning Show, Dolly told how Elvis was going to record her now classic but on the morning of the sessions she got a bizarre call from Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker. "He said you know Elvis doesn't record anything unless he has the copyright," Dolly said. "It broke my heart".

    It was also another lesson about the ridiculous antics of the music industry. Often when you see a songwriting credit, the listed songwriters may have had nothing to do with the song at all. It is a tactic to make more money off the talents of the songwriter. It is common with a lesser-known songwriter trying to get a song recorded by a better-known artist.

    Dolly was already a big star at that time but not as big as Elvis. She originally released the song in 1973 on her 'Jolene' album. 'I Will Always Love You' was the second single from 'Jolene' and went on to become a number one country hit. Saying "no" to Elvis was a good move. In 1992, Whitney Houston recorded the song but didn't try and steal her copyright. Houston's version became one of the biggest selling singles of all time.

  • Choosing Elvis Presley Festival headliner a long process
    (Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, March 23 2009)
    The dates are announced and the poster's picked. Now the next major news expected from the Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival is the announcement of what band or singer will entertain thousands of Elvis fans at this year's event.

    Festival organizers hope to have a name out by early April. But before that name can be announced, months of researching, negotiating and decision-making go into choosing who will grace the festival stage. ...

  • Long Live The King! ComecoInc.Com Reveres Elvis Presley with Trendy Wholesale Handbags and Other Fab Accessories
    (PRWEB, March 20 2009)
    Forever is the magical word that perpetually describes the life of rock n roll's timeless cultural icon. For the millions of fans who adore The King, he definitely lives on with's collection of stylish Elvis Presley wholesale handbags, buckles and other chic accessories.

    The fame of such songs as "Hound Dog" and "Jailhouse Rock" is what put Elvis Presley on the musical map. Combining the beat of rhythm and blues with an uptempo fusion of country, Elvis Presley shot to stardom with his rendition of existing songs that were mixed with the novelty of rock n roll. Along with his uninhibited onstage and television performances, The King became the timeless cultural icon that everybody loved and still worships.

    Fortunately, for the millions of fans still in love with the charismatic King of Rock n Roll, offers wholesale handbags, backpacks, belt buckles and a whole load of other chic accessories that has ultimately captured the very essence of the King. ...

    Vinyl Elvis Presley Wallet

  • Rock Hall Rewind 1986: Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and other legends of the '50s
    By John Soeder/Plain Dealer Pop Music Critic
    (, March 13 2009)
    In 23 days, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony comes home to Cleveland for the first time in a decade. We're counting down the days to April 4 with a daily feature looking back at the highlights of previous inductions.


    WHEN: Jan. 23, 1986.
    WHERE: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York.
    WHO GOT IN: Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Robert Johnson, Jimmie Rodgers, Jimmy Yancey, John Hammond, Alan Freed, Sam Phillips.
    HIGHLIGHTS: "Dy-no-mite!" Berry declares after being inducted by Keith Richards. "I've lifted every lick he ever played," Richards admits. Roberta Flack does the honors for Little Richard, who cannot attend because he is recuperating from a car accident. Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, accepts on behalf of her late father, whose presenters are Julian and Sean Lennon. The Rock Hall has yet to announce a permanent home, so a local delegation whoops it up whenever Cleveland is mentioned. "We made our presence felt in a strong but tasteful way," says concert promoter Jules Belkin.

  • Riffs: New boxed set covers Elvis gospel music (review)
    By Ron Wynn
    (, March 11 2009)
    Every conceivable type of American vernacular music influenced Elvis Presley, but perhaps the least recognized of these styles was gospel. That was not only an incredibly important part of his arsenal, it was the only genre in which Presley ever won a Grammy award, something that speaks volumes about that process.

    Indeed, Presley won three Grammys for spiritual music, and his choices in that realm were just as diverse as the ones in the secular arena. White or black, quartet or choral, Presley knew and loved many composers, vocalists and groups, and he made sensational gospel albums. Presley also often included gospel numbers in films that were otherwise rather forgettable, providing moments of awe in the midst of tedium on such movies as The Trouble with Girls and Easy Come, Easy Go.

    The often spectacular four-disc boxed set I Believe -- The Gospel Masters (RCA/Legacy) finally puts all the Presley spiritual material in one collection, with every selection remastered from the original master tapes via the newest engineering process called DSD. Whatever that means, if you've ever heard the originals, these are much cleaner, yet haven't had the life processed out of them to the point that the results are sterile and lifeless.

    The first three discs contain all the songs from the classic LPs Peace in the Valley, His Hand in Mine and He Touched Me. The 51 selections include old time spirituals, hymns, numbers he often worked into live performance like "Crying in the Chapel" and some other pieces where he would sometimes cut loose with a sound or two that wasn't far removed from the rock mode ("I Got a Feelin' in My Body," and "Put Your Hand in the Hand").

    The fourth disc blends cuts that appeared in films with songs included in his 1968 comeback special, most notably a rocking medley of "Where Could I Go but to the Lord/Up Above My Head/Saved" and the masterful "If I Can Dream." There are also definitive live versions of "How Great Thou Art" and "Help Me," plus some bonus cuts from the "Elvis on Tour" sessions and three home recordings that nicely complement the package. These are three beautiful pieces culled from private Presley home recordings, among them "Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord" and "Hide Thou Me."

    Presley once unsuccessfully tried out for the Blackwood Brothers, and he was a lifetime lover of the Statesmen Quartet. Who knows how the course of popular music history would have changed if Presley had made the Blackwood Brothers and San Cooke never left the Soul Stirrers.

    While neither of those things occurred, I Believe shows that Elvis Presley might have enjoyed the same impact in spiritual circles that he did in secular ones had he opted to concentrate solely on gospel. ...

  • Sean keeps Elvis alive
    By Stella Tzobanakis
    (, March 9 2009)
    SEAN Spiteri was just a toddler when he saw Elvis Presleyıs '68 comeback special replayed on TV, but watching it changed his life. Spiteri was so in awe of The King's moves, he began to imitate him - and so a career was born.

    "From that day on, I kept putting the video on every day," Spiteri, 20, said. "I started to move like him and act like him. My parents thought it was a phase." But David and Vina Spiteri soon realised it wasn't, with Spiteri securing his own live Elvis tribute show at the Copacabana in Fitzroy. He was just 10. Since then, Spiteri began picking up "a little spot here, a little spot there", including private functions, christenings and birthdays, and paying tribute to Elvis has paid off, with the impersonator making it a part-time job.

    "I don't try to be Elvis, I just want to keep the legacy alive," Spiteri said. "No one will be Elvis. No one will fill his shoes. His charisma was electrifying. He's very dynamic on stage and he's a very shy, humble kind of boy; that's what I liked about him. I love the man like a true fan.²

    Spiteri, of Lysterfield, has heard all the jokes before - whether it's someone shouting "Elvis has left the building" every time he leaves somewhere, or jibes about Elvis' drug and weight problems. But he is serious about his devotion to the star. So much so, he has spent $25,000 buying costumes and suits from America, recreated from the designs of the man who dressed Elvis from 1968 to 1977, Bill Belew.

    "What I do in my show is very, very authentic," Spiteri said. "My show is a musical representation of Elvis; life. With every song I match the costume even right down to the rings Elvis wore when he was performing that song. I bring the illusion of him on stage."

    It's a formula that seems to be working, with bookings in Melbourne at venues such as the Hilton Hotel and Palladium, and a clean sweep of competitions at the 2005 Elvis Festival in Parkes, NSW, where Spiteri was rewarded for sounding, looking and moving like The King.

    "My dream is to take it (the show) all over the world including Las Vegas and Memphis," Spiteri said. But for now, he is excited to entertain an audience in Melbourne's west. ...

    photo ADAM ELWOOD N37HT300

  • Artist says his Elvis tribute is 'respectful'
    (Galveston Daily News, March 6 2009)
    Those who love Elvis Presley's music will not want to miss "The Voice of Elvis and Legends Texas Tour" concert at 6 p.m. March 12 at the Bayou Theater on the University of Houston at Clear Lake's campus, 2700 Bay Area Blvd.

    Award-winning second-generation tribute artist Jesse Aron, 33, of Wisconsin, will perform from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. taking on two roles - Elvis and Roy Orbison. "I do three decades of Elvis - the '50s through the '70s and three costume changes," said Aron. "I do Roy Orbison at the end of the first set." ...

  • Graceland Opens Three New Elvis Exhibits on March 6: Films, Interactive Exhibits, VIP Tours, and New Displays in the Automobile Museum Are Just Some of the Exhibit Highlights
    (, March 5 2009)
    Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Graceland, a National Historic Landmark built in 1939, three major new exhibits will open tomorrow, March 6th: Elvis in Hollywood, Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture and new exhibits in the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum.

    The following are highlights of the three exhibits:
    Elvis in Hollywood: With 31 films to his name and box office smashes such as Love Me Tender and Jailhouse Rock, this new exhibit focuses on Elvis' years in Tinsel Town and his success on the big screen. The exhibit tells the story of how Elvis transitioned from singer to on screen star and how he took Hollywood by storm to become its highest paid actor.
    Special guest Darlene Tompkins, who co-starred with Elvis in the classic movie hit, Blue Hawaii, will greet fans and sign autographs during opening weekend festivities at Graceland. After seeing the exhibit she stated, "Elvis was and still is a star. He was so easy to work with and seeing this new exhibit with all of the movie memorabilia saved from his films is just amazing. From his scripts to his wardrobe, it's all here."

    Just some of the artifacts include:
    Love Me Tender - Elvis' personal copy of Love Me Tender in 3 film reels
    Loving You - 56 Gibson guitar used by Elvis in the film
    Jailhouse Rock - Denim jacket worn by Elvis in opening scenes and his leather bound script
    Viva Las Vegas - Black jacket and pants from talent show scenes and red shirt from talent show scenes
    Girls Girls Girls - Hotel bills from Elvis' stay in Hawaii and personal checks for gifts and flowers for co-stars
    Paradise Hawaiian Style - Shorts Elvis purchased while in Hawaii for personal use; script with the movie's original name "Hawaiian Paradise"; letter from movie's director to Elvis describing his excitement on the project; check written by Elvis to purchase a watch for the director
    Elvis Documentaries - Two jumpsuits worn by Elvis during filming of Elvis on Tour and Elvis: That's the Way It Is
    All 33 original movie posters, framed

    Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture: This interactive exhibit allows visitors to experience how Elvis has influenced pop culture as we know it today. Through video, photos and special displays, visitors will be able to trace Elvis' impact on music and the world, explore Elvis' music through listening stations and more.
    Elvis Presley Automobile Museum: This Graceland exhibit celebrates new additions with a special display featuring both of Elvis' Rolls Royce sedans and his 6-door Mercedes Benz limousine featured in the movie Elvis on Tour.

    To find out more information about the different exhibits and make arrangements to visit Graceland, please visit

  • C O R R E C T I O N -- Leake Auction Company
    (Yahoo! Finance, March 5 2009)
    In the news release, Is This the Lost Elvis Car?, issued 05-Mar-2009 by Leake Auction Company over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that, "Upon further phone calls and research regarding the validity of the title to a 1971 Cuda purportedly owned by Elvis Presley, research confirms that the title is fake."

    "We have now received additional information that confirms the title is counterfeit. It was never the intent of Dan Kruse Classic or Leake Auction Company to mislead anyone about the purported Elvis ownership of this car," stated Richard Sevenoaks, president of Leake Auction Company. "Great efforts are made to ascertain the authenticity of celebrity ownership on any cars. We regret any confusion this may have caused."

  • Man says 2nd pink Caddie was Elvis'
    By Michael Lollar
    (Memphis Commercial Appeal, March 3 2009)
    Bill Kinard says he is "following a dream" by planning a tribute to Elvis Presley in an abandoned Dollar General Store, but one of his flashiest acquisitions, a pink Cadillac, is sputtering as a possible non-starter. Kinard, who built a "Fans Forever Memorial Wall" as a tribute to Elvis in 2003, says he inherited the Cadillac and a tour bus bought by Elvis and hopes to have them on display in Elvis' Tupelo, Miss., birthplace in time for the Tupelo Elvis Festival in June.

  • Elvis tour bus comes to Tupelo
    (Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, March 2 2009)
    A little more of Elvis Presley is coming to his hometown.

    Bill Kinard, president of Legacy Hall of Fame, said he has taken possession of a 1976-77 MCI diesel tour bus and a 1957 pink and black Cadillac that once belonged to the King of Rock n' Roll. "We're going to get them cleaned up then put them on display," said Kinard, who owns the Fans Forever Memorial Wall in Elvis Presley Heights.

    Kinard and his wife, Linda, inherited the vehicles from the Professional Sports Hall of Fame Museum in Oregon. When the museum's founder, Bruce Buseman, died in 2004, the Kinards were the museum's only legal board members. "We'd never met Mr. Buseman in person," Kinard said. "We talked to him over the phone several times."

    After some legal wrangling, a judge ruled that the bus and the car belonged to the Kinards. The judgment also included cars that were featured in the movies, "Wayne's World," "The Blues Brothers" and "Megaforce," as well as other Presley memorabilia.

    The Kinards' priority was to get the bus and car to Tupelo. They worked with Larry Michaels with Celebrity Coaches to transport the vehicles. Celebrity Coaches will oversee the rehabilitation of the bus. The goal is to have the Presley vehicles on display by June 1 in time for the 2009 Elvis Presley Festival. Kinard said if work isn't complete by then, it'll be done in time for the anniversary of Presley's death in August. "We're trying to give people another reason to come to Tupelo," Kinard said. "We're just trying to help the city stimulate tourism." 

  • "Earnhardt and Elvis" show car unveiled in Las Vegas
    By Team Release
    (, March 2 2009)
    Two of the greatest icons in American sport and music were celebrated Friday when a No. 3 race car was unveiled bearing the images of NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt and the King of rock 'n' roll, Elvis Presley. Meant to continue the legacies of both men, the "Earnhardt and Elvis" car paired these icons together as part of the "Enduring Legends" series that recently saw the Intimidator share the hood of his famous No. 3 Chevrolet with country music great Johnny Cash and cowboy film icon John Wayne.

    "Earnhardt and Elvis" was unveiled in dramatic fashion among the glitz and glamour of fabulous Las Vegas in Las Vegas Motor Speedway's Neon Garage. Featuring Presley's and Earnhardt's names and likenesses on the sides and hood of the car, this is the third edition in a multi-year series that will continue the legacy of Earnhardt by teaming him up with other iconic American personalities.

    Earnhardt, who won 76 Cup races and a record-tying seven championships, shaped the face of NASCAR into the sport that millions of fans worldwide know and love today. A man of humble beginnings, during which he listened to the music of Elvis Presley that his mother played, Earnhardt went on to achieve superstardom doing what he loved to do most -- beat out the competition behind the wheel of a race car. His popularity has transformed him into an enduring icon of, not only NASCAR, but American culture as a whole; whose memory is celebrated on and off the track.

    "Through his persona, popularity and sheer talent, Dale Earnhardt changed the way NASCAR fans watched racing and brought an excitement to the sport that had not been seen in the past. Elvis Presley did the same with music," Joe Hedrick, vice president of licensing for Dale Earnhardt, Inc., said. "Dale's incredible fan following celebrates his legacy each and every day, and we're so proud that he's sharing the hood of the No. 3 with one of America's greatest cultural icons, Elvis."

    Just as Dale Earnhardt left an indelible mark on NASCAR, Elvis Presley forever changed the landscape of American music when he burst onto the scene in 1954. The legend starred in 33 films, made history with his television appearances and specials and knew great acclaim through his many, often record-breaking, live concert performances on tour and in Las Vegas. Globally, he has sold more than one billion records, and his American sales have earned him gold, platinum or multi-platinum awards for 150 different albums and singles -- far more than any other artist. Among his many awards and accolades were 14 Grammy nominations and the Grammy lifetime achievement award, which he received at the young age of 36. He still has one of the most devoted fan bases to this day, much like Earnhardt, whose loyal following still proudly display their love, honor and respect for the man known as the Intimidator.

    "Earnhardt and Elvis is a perfect pairing of two men who followed their dreams doing exactly what they loved and set new standards in their respective industries," stated Carol Butler, VP of worldwide licensing for Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. "Neither rock 'n' roll nor NASCAR would be the entities they are today without these two legends and the legacies they created."

    Motorsports Authentics, through its Action Racing Collectables die-cast brand, will be offering a collectible version of the limited edition No. 3 Dale Earnhardt/Elvis Presley car. Die-cast replica cars are available at the No. 3 trackside merchandise rigs, at the NASCAR.COM Superstore and at Motorsports Authentics authorized dealers nationwide. Chase Authentics, the authentic trackside apparel of NASCAR, will also offer Presley and Earnhardt fans an opportunity to express their love of both men through an array of apparel items such as hats and t-shirts.

    Acclaimed NASCAR artist Sam Bass created a one-of-a-kind Gibson guitar to commemorate "Earnhardt and Elvis" to be auctioned off in support of the Dale Earnhardt Foundation and the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation.

    "Earnhardt and Elvis" will make a cross-country journey from Las Vegas to Memphis, where both the car and guitar will go on public display the weekend of March 6th, 2009 at Graceland's Elvis Presley Automobile Museum. Following its tenure at Elvis' home and final resting place, both items will be on display at Dale Earnhardt, Inc. in time for the celebration of Dale Earnhardt's birthday on April 29.

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