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November 2009
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  • Dan Sultan Is Definitely Some Kind Of Elvis
    By Jess McGuire
    (, November 23 2009)
    It was an easy mistake for the Herald Sun to make, I suppose. In captioning a picture of the handsome and extremely talented Dan Sultan, they accidentally referred to him as the "white Elvis". Given that Dan is (to put it in the Herald Sun's own words) "the product of an Aboriginal mother and Irish father", I am pretty sure they meant "black Elvis" ­ something Clare Bowditch called him a few years back. Traditionally, I believe Elvis Presley is considered the "white Elvis".

    I suppose the one thing we can all agree on is this: whatever damn colour Elvis you think he is, Dan Sultan is awesome. He performed at the EG Awards in Melbourne on Friday night and blew the roof off the place. ...

  • What really happened on my night with Elvis
    By James Tapper & Amanda Perthen
    (, November 23 2009)
    It is one of the most intriguing stories ever to come out of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! - how Elvis Presley stole the girlfriend of his friend George Hamilton. Hamilton, who has a reputation as one of Hollywood's greatest Casanovas, revealed on the ITV show that he had gone to one of Elvis's Las Vegas concerts with his girlfriend Angie MacDonald-Janes, who went on to marry footballer George Best. The perma-tanned actor said he had waited for 45 minutes while Angie went to Elvis's dressing room - and then left, feeling 'like an idiot'.

    But when The Mail on Sunday contacted Angie Best, she gave a rather different version of events. She insisted her time backstage with Elvis was 'entirely innocent', although the singer gave her a turquoise ring and insisted she take his phone number. And she says that Hamilton was so jealous that he sneakily changed the numbers in her address book so she couldn't contact Elvis.

    The story emerged in last night's edition of the show as Hamilton, 70, told his fellow contestants about the concert in 1971. He said: 'There was a girl in London who I was dating called Angie - she married a footballer named Best. I was dating her so I brought her to Elvis's show. We went backstage.' Hamilton was close friends with Elvis's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, who lived near his Californian home. 'Elvis was changing and he saw Angie and of course Angie just thought he was incredible. She said something about his concho belt [a native American belt with several metal buckles]. 'She said, "Elvis, where did you get those?" He said, "I've got a lot of them, I've got a collection, would you like to see them?" Well, I thought he was going to bring out the collection, but he said, "Come with me".

    'So I see her go off and I'm waiting and waiting - 45 minutes go by and I felt like an idiot. 'So I got up and said, "Guys, please tell Elvis that I saw the show and send him my best and please tell the young lady that it was lovely to see her and I hope all goes well" and I walk out of the casino. 'I never saw her again until 18, 20 years later on a plane and we were both going to London and she said, "Hi George, remember me?" And I said, "Angie, what happened?" She said, "Nothing". I said, "I waited 45 minutes and I never forgot it." 'But last night Angie said of her brief relationship with Hamilton: 'It's funny how people's memories are different. He does sound a little bit bitter. 'I had just arrived in Los Angeles from England. I was just 19 at the time, and I didn't really know who Elvis was, not properly.

    'George took me on a private jet from LA with Sammy Davis Jr and his wife to Las Vegas. We went to the hotel and we watched the show, and afterwards the Colonel came over to our table and asked if I wanted to come backstage to meet Elvis. 'George didn't like that at all, so he said I couldn't go, but the Colonel came back a little bit later and said Elvis had spotted me in the crowd and thought I was the prettiest girl there. 'I went back and spent about 45 minutes with Elvis. He wasn't my type at all - I'm English, I don't go for a man wearing a white jumpsuit with glittering stars! 'He poured his heart out to me about how unhappy he was and how he couldn't find love, and he just wanted to find someone to love and settle down with. 'To be honest, I was falling asleep. It was a bit of a rant - I think he was on drugs. But when I went to leave, he said, "Can I give you my number? I'd love to see you again". So he wrote his number in my book. And he gave me this turquoise ring he was wearing.' She said Hamilton was still there when she returned from her conversation with Elvis.

  • From the archives: Elvis lives!
    By Tony Kiss
    (, November 22 2009)
    The King only came to Asheville a few times ­ twice in 1955 and again in '75. But there are so many sweet memories of days and nights when Elvis Presley played here.

    None are brighter than Lloyd Perry's. Presley presented him with a glittering, jewel-encrusted ring on stage at the Asheville Civic Center. "I was shaking like a leaf," said Perry, who keeps the ring locked in a bank safe deposit box, but is ready to sell at the right price.

    It was already a night to remember: July 24, 1975. Elvis was finishing a wild three-night stand at the Civic Center arena, and had tossed a Gibson guitar into the crazed crowd. Perry, sitting on the first row, said he snatched the prize, but so did the man sitting next to him (Mike Harris, who still has the treasure). "We both caught it, and we just sat there and figured Elvis would come and ask for it back," Perry remembered.

    Instead, Elvis "motioned for me to come on stage," Perry said. The King pulled a ring from his own hand and gave it to the Perry. "He said, 'What's $16,000?' '' Perry recalled.

    And so it was with Elvis ­ no other entertainer touched as many fans here and around the world. In Asheville, thousands were crushed when Elvis died Aug. 16, 1977 ­ just days before he was due to return for a sold-out Aug. 26 Civic Center show that never happened.

    The bond only grows stronger, a quarter-century later. ...

  • Budget can't cramp charm of Tennessee
    By Nancy Trejos
    (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, November 22 2009)
    I wasn't even supposed to be in Nashville. But here I was, on the dance floor of a honky-tonk on Broadway, being twirled around by the man who¹d dressed Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. ...

  • Fans splash the cash for Michael Jackson memorabilia: Items belonging to King of Pop fetch prices far in excess of those predicted at New York auction
    By Jenny Percival
    (, November 22 2009)
    The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has turned out to be an auctioneers' dream celebrity as prices for Jacko memorabilia outstrip even those for items that belonged to Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe. ...

  • On the agenda: We're off to Chelsea to see Elvis unguarded. Uh, thank you very much, Proud gallery
    (, November 22 2009)
    Photography Of the myriad shots taken of Elvis through his life, few captured the King quite as well as the photojournalist Alfred Wertheimer's from 1956, when Presley was on the cusp of stardom. ...

  • What Will American Idol's Adam Lambert Sing at Sunday's American Music Awards?
    By Joshua Molina
    (, November 21 2009)
    Fresh off a victorious spat with the editor of OUT magazine, American Idol's Adam Lambert is gearing up for what is likely to be the biggest week of his young professional career. On Sunday Lambert will perform at the American Music Awards - his first live television performance since he rose to fame on Fox's American Idol earlier this year.

    ... Lambert, the most talked about musician to emerge on the rock scene since Elvis Presley, will perform "For Your Entertainment," the first single off of his debut album by the same name. Lambert will share the stage on a night of star-studded performances by Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez and Eminem. Then on Tuesday Lambert will release his album, which is expected to be a blockbuster smash for the singer.

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